What is Action Quake 2 ?

Action Quake 2 (also known as AQ2, Action Quake) is a mod for the Quake 2 game created by the A-team. Although originally released in November 1998, it still has a small player base mainly in Finland, Scandinavia and middle Europe with active servers on several continents as of 2016.
AQ2 was developed to recreate the look and feel of an action movie, having a fast pace and a semi-realistic damage system. It also features many maps recreating realistic settings, such as city streets and office buildings, with a balanced range of weapons and equipment inspired by action movies.
Even though the game mechanics have almost remained the same, the mod has massively improved since 1998. Hd textures and skins, new models and sounds, better support for different GPU’s and operating systems and much, much more. The game can be modded easily, and thus there are lots of community created stuff, such as skins, models, sounds, and even clients, which makes the game to look different for each and every individual.



 Quake 2                                                                              Action Quake 2