AQ2 PRO is an Action Quake 2 packet which contains textures, models, skins, and sounds made by numerous members of the community. The idea of AQ2 PRO is to combine them in to a single installation. Of course there is a lot of new features too. You can set your settings and also switch between skins and scopes etc. from the menu, without having to be involved with autoexec or .pak files.



  • More versatile menu to change settings 

  • New sounds and with less static noise

  • New commands and features

  • More user friendly, no need for autoexec.cfg

  • More visually appealing

  • Installing to a custom directory is possible

  • AQ2 PRO uses q2pro+ client which has not been modified.


Download AQ2 PRO

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Newest version: May 17th 2021


What’s new on this version?

– new scopes, hud icons and hud numbers
– new updated killstreaksystem (shows 2 values now, roundkills and total killstreak)
– hitsounds can now be enabled for sniper only
– teamskins colors can now be changed from the menu (red vs green, yellow vs blue, blue vs green etc.)
– the client now tracks personal weapon specific kills, deaths, hitmarks and game start-ups which won’t reset by quitting the game. Use the command ‘clientstats’ to see your stats

Original and High definition skytextures




Download AQ2 PRO

exe icon          zip icon

Newest version: May 17th 2021


People who has contributed and/or whose work has been used to make AQ2 PRO possible:

Akuta, hifi, Millenia, MarlPoro, Manolo, Nemesis, S3c!or, SmileY,  stan0x, Ulldott, Vermin . . .

message me on the supportpage or discord if you think your name should be here