dmc mod

dmc mod is tweaked AQ2-TNG with modified item- and weaponsettings and damagevalues. The idea is to balance out the item and weaponsettings and thus make the gameplay more diverse.

Item changes:

Stealth Kit : Choosing the Stealth Kit, the player is given Stealth Slippers and a Silencer. Silencer shot is more quiet and sniperscope sounds are muted for other players completely. Silencer is also a free-to-pick item together with any other item. Silencer can also be used with M4 Assault Rifle.

Bandolier: Bandolier now also gives 2 knives, and dual pistols for the player.

Weapon changes:

MP5 Submachinegun: burst-mode is slightly more accurate

M3 Shotgun: damage is slightly boosted. (17 short range -> 18 short range, 15 long range -> 16 long range

Handcannon: single barrel shot is slightly more accurate. Double barrel shot now shoots 24 pellets instead of 16, single barrel shot shoots 12 pellets instead of 16. Damage remains the same; 15.

Akimbo pistols: spread is slightly reduced

MK23 Pistol: semi-automatic shot is slightly more accurate

Damage changes: