TNG- mod


TNG ( The Next Generation ) is mod for Action Quake 2, that offers new stuff to the original AQ2.

The Next Generation started as three separate projects:

  • Action Quake 2: Edition, maintained by PG Bund and Igor

  • Action Quake 2: JBravo Edition, maintained by JBravo

  • Action Quake 2: Millennium, maintained by Slicer, Mort and Deathwatch.

All these projects had several things in common: They wanted to fix all bugs and exploits, add new features and give more control to server operators. Because of this, they got together and decided to merge their mods into one, called Action Quake 2: The Next Generation. This mod will have the features of all the mods it merged with and more!

“For a long time, there were many Action Quake 2 mods out there, all going their own way. Eventually two of the mod making groups; AQ2: Edition and AQ2: Millennium, were progressing along the same lines, and they decided to continue together, as AQ2: The Next Generation.”

Read about the features here