➤ When I start the game, this message pops up:


launchericon AQ2 Pro


  • You are starting AQ2 directly from the q2pro.exe

    Start AQ2 by using the shortcut the installer created to your Desktop, or the launcher that is located inside your installation directory ( launcher.exe) .

  • You don’t have q2pro application in your installation directory

    Make sure you have q2pro.exe in your installation directory, under the same folder as launcher.exe


  • You are starting AQ2 directly from the q2pro.exe

    Start q2online from the java launcher, which can be downloaded by clicking here!


AQ2 Pro

➤ Fullscreen doesn’t work / Resolution is wrong


  • Delete all your video commands in your autoexec and from other custom cfg’s

  • Launch the game, go to video settings, and click reset to default

  • Select the desired resolution 

  • If your resolution is off centered, right click q2pro.exe and try checking the “Disable fullscreen optimizations” checkbox, or click “Change high DPI settings” and try those settings on/off


high dpi settings win10

high dpi settings win10 #2

➤ Can I use custom cfg such as autoexec with AQ2 PRO?

  • Yes you can, but be cautious. Using certain triggers or aliases could conflict with some pre-existing commands AQ2 PRO already has, making some features unavailable or mess up your settings. It is recommend to first checking out what features AQ2 PRO has and then making a cfg, if a certain option is not available.

➤ I want to have all the maps instead of downloading them when joining a server

      Click here!

Redirects to Google Drive, zip file contains 669 maps

➤ I want to have high resolution textures with AQ2 PRO

      Click here!